Richard Remington

He had the bright Idea in College. What if he could buy a drink for any Girl in the world

I am know all around the world for being great with the ladies.

What's my secret? I always buy them a drank and they become my "Dranking Buddy".

So I got with some of my geeky friends and created an awesome way to buy drinks for anybody in the world. As long as they are a member of Our site gives anyone a chance to buy a drink for anyone else and the money is transferred into their account instantly. We also give you a shoutout on Social Media. So give it a try and get yourself a "Dranking Buddy"!

How it Works

It's so easy to buy a drink for anyone.
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Browse our Members

Choose one member that you like anywhere in the world.
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Buy them a Drink

Choose the drink of your choice, from $5 to a Table for $500
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We Send the Money

The Money is transferred to their Paypal Mastercard Instantly
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They buy the Drink

We give you a shout out on Social Media *Optional

Buy Someone and Drink!